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I truly believe that I was created to make beautiful things and to help others create beautiful moments.  This is a passion that I didn’t recognize existed until my twenties.  And, well after I had earned two degrees.

I started planning weddings and parties all the way back in 2004 using a borrowed computer and guesstimating graphic design to have stationery for the events.  In 2006, my husband, Oscar, encouraged me to give my “business” a name and consider pushing it out into the world.  In 2006, I did just that!  I have enjoyed the chaos of planning, event management and designing custom stationery for events ever since.

Within the past few years, my love for the SMALL and INTIMATE party has become a pleasure and specialty of my event planning company, Tish Bullard Events.  There is just something about the guest of honor being able to mingle with everyone near and dear in a beautiful setting to create new memories.  An intimate affair can be luxurious and exclusive. I love that and many of my clients do as well!

Two of my core beliefs for my business is 1)Celebrating life is a lifestyle and 2) You can design and live that life that you love.


Along the way, I have experienced some great joys and bumps in the road during my entrepreneurial journey as a wife and mother.  And, over the past few years, I have shared my journey with other savvy and creative women that need inspiration just like I did way back when.  And, helping others brings me so much joy.  Whether it’s a workshop, private consultation, or a women’s group, I am always excited to share information, tips and strategies on how to pursue passion turning into profit or building confidence to live a creative life.  When I first started my business, I had no one that was willing to help me get through the growing pains and tough moments.  I vowed to myself to share as I learn and to continue to learn so that I can share more.

My absolute favorite conversations to have with other creative women are about:

  • Effective Goal Setting
  • Business Startup for the Emerging Entrepreneur
  • Running a Successful Part Time Business while Working Full Time
  • Etiquette: Social and Professional Protocol
  • How to Design a Life that You Truly Love
  • Entertaining for Intimate Party Guests
  • How to Start an Event Planning Business

I truly love life and love to help my clients and friends celebrate theirs. And, I would love to help you!

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My event planning and stationery design company have both been featured in Arkansas Bride Magazine and other Arkansas based magazines.

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