Tish Visits

Tish Visits is a mobile marketplace series designed to empower and support women by curating a selection of products from local women-owned businesses, showcasing professional women's work, and offering a unique shopping experience in various curated locations. The concept revolves around bringing the marketplace directly to busy women, providing convenience and access to high-quality products while celebrating and promoting local female entrepreneurs and experiences women will love.



Shopping Experience

The Tish Visits series will travel to different locations such as office complexes, community events, and other curated spots. This allows busy women to conveniently explore and shop for personal items, home decor, and other curated products without having to visit multiple stores.

Curated Selections

The product selection focuses on items created or offered by local women-owned businesses, showcasing the talent and creativity of female entrepreneurs and professionals. The curated showcases will include fashion accessories, beauty products, home decor, and other unique finds that resonate with the diverse interests and needs of the stylish, busy woman.

Professional Women's Corner

Tish Visits includes a dedicated section highlighting products and services offered by professional women in the community. This could include anything from career-related resources to lifestyle products that cater specifically to the needs and preferences of professional women.

Collaborative Partnerships

Tish Visits Series is committed to establishing partnerships with local women-owned businesses, artisans, and professionals to feature their products and services within the marketplace. This fosters a sense of community support and helps these businesses reach a broader audience.

Event Hosting and Workshops

Tish Visits Series goes beyond just being a virtual marketplace by organizing events and workshops within the mobile space. This will include networking events, skill-building workshops, and discussions on topics relevant to women's interests and empowerment.

By combining the convenience of a virtual shopping experience with a commitment to supporting and promoting women-owned businesses, Tish Visits aims to create a unique and empowering space for busy women to discover, connect, and shop.

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