25 Dollar Tree Items That You Can Use to Jumpstart Your Business or Big Idea

When I started my business in the early 2000s  (or wanted to start a business), I had absolutely no money to execute the idea and invest in the things that I thought I needed to make my idea become reality.  But there was one thing that I needed to do before even thinking about presenting this business idea to my husband, family and friends. What was that?  I had to create the mental and physical space to download my thoughts and create a plan to move forward.  If you are in the same place of storing your ideas in your head and no where else, please keep reading.

One trip to my local dollar store, helped me get my big idea out of my head and onto paper.

I was actually surprised at the items that could be found now at Dollar Tree because when I got started these secret treasures didn’t exist at all.  But, you have access to inexpensive items that can be a tool to guide you to success.

To see the 25 business idea “jumpstart” supplies, take a look at this video.  I share the item and why I believe this should be one of the first items that you have when putting together your desk for success.