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Working on my Ph.D.

I decided to go back to school, friend.  I have always wanted to earn my terminal degree but I let fear and excuses talk me out of it.  But as I further my career in higher education, I want to do more and contribute to this field in a larger capacity and a terminal degree...

Glitz and Glam Soiree

I enjoy adding a little glitz and glam to parties when I can.  Glitter and sequins are like fuel to the fire for me.  Take a look at this Glitz and Glam Soiree that I styled for a guest of honor who also loves to shine.  

DIY Artist?

Is a DIY (do-it-yourself) artist even a thing?  Aren’t most artists creating from within and pulling inspiration from various sources to express and display beauty? I often refer to myself as a DIYer. Although, I became fond of doing crafts and projects without the help of a deemed professional, it started out as a necessity....