7 Types of Events that You Can Plan Now

Let’s face it…you have to start somewhere in order to become visible to your target audience and gain experience as an event planner. When I first started planning events, I planned everything I could.  Now, I’m not suggesting that you overwhelm yourself by going overboard but I do recommend being aware of everyday opportunities that can allow you to strengthen your skills and decide if this is a tool that you want in your talent kit. Friend, this would be the best time to jump on your sorority or community committees to learn and grow.

Below I will share seven types of events that you can start planning right away.

1. Networking events: Plan and organize networking events for professionals in various industries. These events can include mixers, conferences, or workshops aimed at fostering connections and collaboration among attendees.

2. Charity fundraisers: Coordinate and manage charity fundraisers for nonprofit organizations. These events can include galas, auctions, or charity runs, which not only raise funds but also create awareness for important causes.

3. Small-scale corporate events: Start by planning smaller corporate events, such as team-building activities, seminars, or product launches. These events can help you build relationships with local businesses and gain exposure within the corporate sector.

4. Bridal showers: Organize intimate and personalized bridal showers for engaged couples. These events provide an opportunity to showcase your creativity and attention to detail while helping couples celebrate their upcoming nuptials.

5. Birthday parties: Plan and design memorable birthday parties for people of all ages. This can include children’s parties, milestone celebrations, or themed parties, where you can showcase your ability to create a fun and engaging atmosphere.

6. Workshops and seminars: Host educational workshops and seminars on event planning-related topics. This allows you to position yourself as an expert and provide valuable knowledge to aspiring event planners or individuals interested in organizing their own events.

7. Community events: Get involved in planning community events, such as fairs, festivals, or holiday celebrations. These events offer a chance to collaborate with local organizations and government entities while engaging with a broader audience.

By starting with these types of events, you can gain experience, build a portfolio, and become more visible to your target audience. Remember to continuously improve your skills, network with professionals in the industry, and always provide exceptional service to stand out in the event planning market. Good luck on your journey!