It’s Time To Be Selfish

As I was looking for a photo of myself for this post, I had to scroll for days to find one. I have recent pictures of my daughters, family and friends but not many of me by myself. And, this goes to show exactly why I’m creating this post.

Now that we are in September 2023, I am deeming this Season 2 (find out why on my podcast!). This “season” I am dedicating energy to encourage you and me to ENJOY OURSELVES and to embrace being a bit selfish. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not encouraging you to be mean, dismissive and rude to others when I say be selfish. I’m using that term to simply say, you are important enough to have dedicated time taken out for YOU.

You, my friend, deserve to do things you enjoy, be thought of, and even be in front of the camera more than being behind it. It is now time for you to embrace you and get to know what brings you joy. And, I sure hope you come along with me on this journey to find out what makes US happy.

Are you ready to include YOU in this season’s plans? If so, come on, and let’s bring a friend along as well🖤

Plan Well and Conquer,