Low Cost Marketing Ideas for Your Event Business

There are several ways that you can market your new event planning business. In this post, I will share 4 ways you can begin marketing your business right away.


1. Get visible on the internet.

You are reading this right now on the internet, right?  And, your ideal client is also searching somewhere on the internet for help sooo… Get visible on the internet.

You, my friend, will need a pretty good looking website.  Your client will be looking to have a fabulous wedding or party and they will want their planner to look the part also. No matter where you actually work to plan the events, your website is your billboard, your digital ad, your storefront.  Invest (that means to pay money) for your professional website.

2. Build relationships.

Establishing relationships with planners, designers, venues, photographers and other event professionals is key.  As you build a list of vendors to connect with, prepare to invite them to coffee so that you can meet and discuss collaborative business opportunities.  Join professional networks and meet-ups in your area to get in front of event professionals that may already be in front of your ideal client.  This will help you become a resource to your potential clients in referring other vendors, and trust me, the event pros will eventually do the same for you.

Call venues that you would like to work with and schedule a tour. You can use this time to share your business with them.

3. Go where your ideal client is.

Friend, you are going to have to share your business everywhere you go.  And, I actually mean, strategically go.  Where does your ideal client hang out?  What magazines do they love to read?  Are they on a particular social media platform?  Whereever they are, that’s where you should be.  And, when you find them, what should you be sharing?  YOUR MESSAGE!  And, don’t think that you are being a bother…share your message, share your business and the interest will peak.  Make a list of where your client is hanging out and meet them there!

4. Use social media to help you.

In the event planning industry, visual details are often (always) expected. Your ideal client is using social media (Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok and blogs) to get inspiration. Remember, if they are there, you should be too.  Use your business page, to showcase your knowledge, relate to your ideal client’s problems (because you have the solution) and to share your message that will be suitable for the platform that you choose.

Social media is only intended to be used as a tool and not your website,  so don’t confuse the platforms and house all of your best content strictly on a social media platform.

You can share past events that you helped with, ideas for events, and even testimonials if you have any.

Not only can you connect with potential clients using social media but this is a great way for you to connect and engage with others in the event industry.

You can try different tactics and strategies when marketing your business.  Just be clear and consistent in your messaging no matter where you decide to show up for your business.

Plan Well and Conquer,

Tish B.