The Magic of Handwritten Notes

In the world of digital everything, saying thank you, congratulations, get well, I’m sorry, and thinking of you through a text message or Instagram post seems like the thing to do. And, I get it…it’s convenient. And, I send a quick digital note from time to time.

For years, I made a point to keep cute notecards on hand to send to clients and others to surprise them with a handwritten note. And, to take it up a notch, I add sequins as confetti so the recipient can have an extra dosage of sparkle and surprise when they open the card.

I also get a joy out of writing a handwritten note because it makes me think about the reason I’m reaching out to someone and be genuine about the thought. And, I almost always hear from the recipient about how much they loved receiving it.

I encourage you to grab a few cute cards and envelopes and make plans to send sweet notes of your own. During these challenging times that 2020 brought us, it is definitely needed.

Be kind, my friend…and plan well!