Tips for Surviving a Bridal Show

bridal show tipsTis’ the season for bridal shows.  For some, a bridal show experience can be an overwhelming one but for those that are prepared, it can be rewarding.  I want to share with you a checklist of things to remember as you get ready to attend an upcoming bridal show.

Before the Show:

  • Register before the show.
  • Research the list of vendors that will be there. Look for the ones that you need.
  • Print atleast 2 sheets of mailing labels with your contact info to enter door prizes and info cards. Include: your name, your fiance’s name, mailing address, phone number, email address, wedding date and location. Go for the gusto and add a photo of you and your fiancé so that vendors can “put a face with a name”.
  • Pack water, a snack, and gum.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes…and ditch the big, fabulous purse. You will  more than likely receive a swag bag at the show.
  • Bring a camera or your smartphone (fully charged) to snap photos.
  • Bring a red pen to mark on the vendor’s info that grabs your interest.
  • Have on hand a small notebook and pen to jot down tips and ideas.
  • Don’t forget your checkbook. You may be ready to secure a chosen vendor, especially if you receive a discount for signing on that same day.
  • Be bridal! Wear a bride shirt, sash, or sticker so vendors will notice you right away.
  • Have your calendar ready to that you can add dates and check them before you schedule appointments.
  • ARRIVE early.

During the Show:

  • Check the times for the fashion shows, especially if you are needing inspiration for attire.
  • Bring a list of questions to ask. Vendors want to inform you on services that they offer.
  • If a vendor you are interested in is talking to someone else, standby and listen…and wait if you can. They may answer a question that you may have while speaking to someone else.
  • Go ahead and schedule appointments to meet with the vendors you really like.
  • Visit every booth.
  • Place the vendors’ info that you really like in a special bag so you don’t get them mixed up with the others.
  • If your groom is with you, stay together. It’s hard to make decisions if you both don’t have input.
  • Don’t register for everything at the show. Go for the drawings that you would love to win.
  • If you see a vendor that you have already hired, ask them for referrals of other services that you need.
  • Schedule a break. Enjoy the food and music and take a moment to take in all that you have experienced.
  • Pick up free magazines, menus, and other materials to read for later.
  • Have a plan of action!
  • And, don’t attend the fair alone. Bring your mom, your fiance’, or a gal pal.

Are you planning to attend any local and upcoming bridal shows?  If so, I hope that these tips will be helpful to you.