How Can I Create a Vision Board?

“How can I create a vision board?” This is a question that I often get, particularly at the beginning of each year. Personally, I love creating them and keeping visualization a part of my goal setting. They are not complicated to create but does require additional work on your part to make them effective.

A vision board is more than pretty pictures and sayings. It is part of your plan that will require action. Thinking that they are just pretty posters is one misconception surrounding these visual tools. Your board will be what you make it and what you expect to see manifesting in your life. Before setting out to do a vision board, take the time to assess where you are now in your personal or professional life. What goals did you have for the previous year or month that didn’t come to fruition? Make note of them. And, do the same for the accomplishments that were achieved. Start off with a list.

Here are a 5 practical steps to help you prepare to create a vision board that works.

  1. Create a list. What goals did you set forth to do in the previous year that you reached or didn’t reach? Make note of why you didn’t accomplish (or accomplished!) a goal. What would you like to see for the upcoming year? Again, make note. When would you like to see the goal accomplished? See, it’s important to know where you are going before you get in the car or jump on a plane to head to a destination. No plan or idea, you have to go where ever. That’s the same concept with creating a vision…know where you are headed first.
  2. Capture the Vision. Once you have set goals for the year, now it’s time to add imagery to help you visualize what your accomplished goal would look like. You can cut images from a magazine, from the internet, draw your own, add inspiring words, colors, textures, and even items to a board of your choosing. Arrange the images and items collected in a way that means the most to you.
  3. Apply Action to the Vision. You have set goals, created the vision, now what? It’s time to WERK! For each goal that you have set, write down at least 3 action steps that you are committed to take to see the goal accomplished. Try to avoid leaving the action steps (and the goal) open-ended, give yourself a deadline to complete each step and each goal. Mark these dates on your calendar and daily planner.
  4. Affirm Your Vision. You are now equipped with your goals, the vision and an action plan, so the next step would be to speak it into existence. Simply look at your goals and the inspiring imagery and create present-tense Faith Filled statements to get you even more excited about seeing your goals accomplished. For example, you have a goal to start a YouTube channel in the next six months. You can create an affirmation that reads, “I am an engaging and successful YouTuber that attracts a loyal audience regularly”.
  5. Review the Vision. Once you complete your vision board, don’t just store it in your closet or under your bed. Place it where you can see it each day.  Your vision board should get you excited when you see it.  And, when you see that your dreams and goals manifest, keep track and CELEBRATE!

Supplies to get you started:

  • Poster Board or Cork Board
  • Pictures, Sayings, or Items that you can put on your board
  • Glue Sticks or Push Pins
  • Markers
  • Your list of goals
  • Your daily planner

Plan Well and Conquer, Girlfriends,