What Are Affirmations?

What exactly are you saying that you don’t need to be saying? Huh?! Each and every day we speak something into our lives, whether we plan to or not. Our words are very powerful and can shape up our days. That’s why it’s very important to be intentional with our daily self-talk. What we speak and think affects our conscious and the subconscious mind. So in our journey to planning well and conquering challenges this year, we need to watch we speak into this year.

So, What Exactly are Affirmations?
They are positive, faith filled statements that can inspire, motivate and energize us to reach our heart’s desire. When we repeatedly speak positive affirmations, our minds can bring up mental pictures that can help us feel good about what we are saying and really want to see (mentally and physically). The repetition in affirming these statements can influence behavior and actions that ultimately can lead to success or disaster. It’s all about what you continuously “say”.

What Do Affirmations Do?
Affirmations can help our minds stay focused on our goals. They can also help you change the way you think and behave. And, speaking positive, faith filled statements can make you feel energetic and encouraged to become a better person and be in a better position to lead to your success.

How Do You Speak Affirmations?
It’s best to create your statements once your goal(s) has been created. You need to first know what it is you are wanting to see happen. And, remember this, your affirmations should positive and present tense. You will be speaking those things that aren’t as though they were. It’s all about Faith.

Keep in mind to [bctt tweet=”“Pursue by faith, no doubt added”.” username=”@tishbullard”]

1. Find time during the day that will have your best attention to repeat your faith filled statements.
2. You can repeat them whenever and as often as you want to.
3. Place them where you can easily access them.
4. Conquer your negative thoughts by speaking your affirmations with boldness, faith and love.

Speak Greatness, Girlfriend,