What to do when it’s too much to do

I was talking to a loved one about generally getting things done and having somewhat a plan to help navigate the days. And, I saw that we immediately had two different perspectives- theirs was to shout out “I have too much to do” but couldn’t really tell you what the tasks consisted of. And, then, I come from the approach of knowing what is needed to get done so I can eat away at the large elephant piece by piece.
Quite honestly, sometimes it’s easier to hide behind being busy than doing what it takes to be productive.

Busyness does not equate to productivity.

If you are in a space of overwhelm and don’t know which way to turn, I encourage you to become aware of what is important at the time. A bunch of small tasks undone lead to a mountain of large tasks undone. When we find ourselves with so much to do and it plays over and over in your head, you will get overwhelmed and probably want to numb the feeling by becoming “task-fully paralyzed”. This is when you put things off until the next day and the next day and so on. Procrastination creeps in and becomes a hovering beast. And, then our feelings of worthiness and adequacy are at risk.

Shifting from a place of mental paralysis is not always an easy feat. But it can be done.

Determine what needs your immediate attention and plan accordingly. Open your notes section on your phone or grab pen and paper and jot down what needs your immediate attention. You may start off with listing off tons of things but once you do, number them by priority.

Friend, it is so easy to drown in life’s daily happenings and commitments. You don’t have to drown. You have what it takes to rise and get things done and live a life that brings you joy. It is in our approach that helps us excel and survive in situations. I am here to tell you that you can conquer life’s challenges and be the great woman you were created to be.