What To Do When Something Goes Wrong At Your Event

Did you know that things are bound to happen unexpectedly on even the most fabulous wedding day or party?! Yep, that’s the truth.  Careful planning can keep even the most smallest problem so tiny that an ant can’t see it.  Okay, maybe that’s a little overboard BUT remember this…

Everything that glitters can still have glitches. But it can still shine.

The most fabulous wedding or party that you yourself have ever seen has had a few problems.  Trust me. Whether it is the weather, a chipped nail, late groomsman, a missing boutonniere, or a candy smudge on the flower girls dress, your fabulous wedding day,  your fabulous party is not ruined.  What makes these small mishaps HUGE and gigantic is the anxiety of the approaching minute to walking down the aisle to meet your groom or entering the room that is full of your family and friends.  Your event planner will pretty much know how to offer solutions to many of these minor glitches (some you’ll know about and others you may never).  When you discover a glitch, take a slow, deep breath (3 to 4 to be exact) and notify your planner.  If you find that the problem is will not have an immediate solution, be happy and carry on.  Your day will not be ruined at all.  And, actually, your guests hardly ever knows what happens or has already happened…especially when they see the beauty that stands in the doorway getting ready for her “walk down the aisle” or dance the night away.

Be sure to enjoy the moment, Girlfriend!