How Much Will Your Wedding Cost?

Planning a wedding can be fun and sometimes frustrating. I absolutely, positively do not want the latter being a part of your experience. At the beginning stages of planning, there are a few things that you can do up front with your mate and for yourself that can reduce the stress and anxiety that is ready to tackle you down. First things first… Don’t be afraid to talk about finances.

Schedule time and talk…

You can still have a beautiful wedding even if you are on a budget. Arrange quiet time over dinner with your honey (or your parents) and talk about what you can comfortably spend on the wedding. It’s not a secret that a wedding can be expensive and this is why this touchy subject can cause stress.

Be clear about what you have to spend.

Next, give you and your fiance’ 3-5 index cards and you write down what you absolutely, most positively can’t live without for your wedding day. Give yourself 5 minutes to write down your responses without the other seeing them until the time is up. Take a look at what was jotted down and begin to discuss these things. Are there any common areas? Now, together, narrow down your cards to 3 cards. Be sure to work together to do this. When you have narrowed down your cards to include the top 3 wedding must haves, share them with your parents if they are involved in wedding day expenses and then your wedding planner. Now, you can see where you want to get the most bang for your buck!

Go ahead, if you haven’t already, call or text your honey and set aside some time to see what the both of you are comfortably willing to spend towards your wedding. You’ll thank me later;)