Seeing the Good During a Crisis

Times are most definitely very different with everything almost being closed or cancelled. Usually, I would have a fully planned week filled with commitments and work related events but with a blink of an eye, that has all changed. I would find myself extremely exhausted from all that I had going on and would pray for a break. And, then the world stopped.

Although, we are facing a tough time and don’t really know what will come of all of the chaos, I have come to embrace the good in the situation. And, there are some things that I am grateful for and I want to share a few of them with you.

  1. I don’t have to rush to the office. The office is home with my kids safe and sound.
  2. I get to spend time with my girls. Just seeing them walk by my home office, rambling through the pantry, or having an occasional sibling argument, warms my heart.
  3. There are very few distractions keeping me from getting my tasks needed.
  4. I have access to an in-home restaurant and don’t have to wait in lines and rush back to the office.
  5. My evenings are now dedicated solely on my husband and children with no after work commitments.
  6. I have more time to get things that are long past due done at home.
  7. There is more time to spend journaling, praying, going for a walk, and even taking time to blog more.
  8. I can focus even more time talking to loved ones and checking on the often.
  9. I can do a face mask mid day and blast my favorite tunes without disturbing co-workers or scaring off clients:)
  10. Everyday is casual dress day and lashes and lipstick is optional.

Friend, it is important that we take one day at a time. And, there is something good that we can take away from the free time that we have been granted, no matter the circumstances. I hope that you find a reason to smile and spread love.

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