5 Quick and Easy Ways to Plan a Shower at the Last Minute

5 Tips for Hosting an Impromptu Shower.png

I love the word, Impromptu!  It sounds so much better than “Last Minute”, doesn’t it?  Well, we have to face it…at some point in time, we will be challenged with hosting an event for a loved one where time will just not be on our side.  And, due to the lack of time, we can become stressed and overwhelmed with the details.  I want to let you know that it can definitely be done with a few key points to keep in front of you.  So grab your pen, notebook, and your favorite cup of something decadent from Starbucks and let’s get ready to plan an “Impromptu” shower.

  1. Select Your Location.  This can be your home, office, or a quaint event venue to accommodate your guest list.
    • Be sure to check to see if your location of choice has the basic things that need for your shower such as: seating, kitchenette, on-site staff, linen, lighting, etc.
    • If you are wanting to bring in your food, you may want to make sure that this is okay with the venue that you are looking to use.
    • Have a Plan B and C when you are looking.  Most popular event spaces book really fast!
    • Have 1-2 dates in mind when checking in with the location choices.
    • If you are in the Southeast Arkansas area, come take a look at the Tish Bullard Events event room.  It comfortably seats up to 45 people and has some amenities that will definitely suit your intimate and impromptu shower.
  2. Select Your Date.  If you are hosting at home or your office, you may have the option to choose any date that is comfortable for the guest of honor (and your own schedule). If Saturdays won’t work for much of your guest list, don’t rule out a Sunday brunch.
  3. Create a Guest List and Invite them ASAP.  If your shower will be taken place in 2-4 weeks, get the invitations created and ready to go out as soon as you can.  You can design your own invitations or have them designed for you and you can print them from home.  At, we are now offering that service.  If you don’t see anything with your theme, we can create an invitation based on your colors or theme and email the file to you via PDF or JPEG (basically a picture) for you to print or we can print them for you. Be sure to have the basic information ready when creating your invitations: guest of honor’s name, type of shower (baby, bridal, coed, etc), date and time, location address, rsvp contact name and info, and gift registry information.
  4. Choose Your Colors and Theme…then Shop. Selecting a color or theme makes it so much easier to narrow down what you want to have as shower decor and even for your menu. If the guest of honor hasn’t specified anything, pull 1-2 colors from her favorite colors and let that be the foundation for your linen choices and flower selections. If you are really pushing it with time, just focus on one key area to decorate, for instance, the buffet area or dessert table.
  5. Get Help. Decide on who can help you pull the shower off.  Do you have a friend who is great with creating games, making the best party dip or miniature quiche?  Get them to help.  You may not need a full team of 10 people, but 1 or 2 extra hands (especially from the girls that like this kind of thing) will be a huge help to you.  And, if this seems like a really huge task to pull off at such short notice, call in the pros to assist you.  A professional planner will definitely be able to guide you in the direction of saving a little bit of time (although you are almost out of it), money, and stress.  I mean, you need to look your best as well…you’re the savvy hostess!

What tips do you have to share for someone hosting a shower at the last minute?  Email us to get help or ask questions about your upcoming “Impromptu” shower.

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Have an eventful day, girlfriend!