What to Pack in Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit


You can never have too many things with you on your wedding that serve as “just in case”.  Small mishaps occur and by taking time to prepare a Wedding Day Emergency Kit you can be ahead of the bride game.  Having this kit on hand will also save you time from having to make impromptu trips to the local drugstore right before you walk down the aisle.

Here are a few key essentials that can make a huge impact on your special day.

  1. Hair Elastic and Bobby Pins-sometimes hair flies away and you may need a little bit of reinforcement
  2. Bandages-this is an emergency kit essential.
  3. Oil Blotting Sheets-have these on hand to blot away any shiny spots on your face
  4. Pain Relievers and Antacid-you may need these to ward off a headache or hurting feet from your fab wedding shoes or your tummy may need a little relief
  5. Peppermints-you will be kissing your honey, right?
  6. Hanky-dry your happy tears with a cute hanky
  7. Double Sided Tape– you can use this for almost anything
  8. Deodorant-stress sweat or not, this is an emergency kit essential.
  9. Lint Roller-this is a must if dark colored clothing will be worn
  10. Mini Sewing Kit-be prepared for loose buttons and unraveling hems
  11. Chalk-a tried and true stain remover
  12. Static Guard-fight off clingy fabric and linen with this staple
  13. Eye Drops– a little moisture may be needed for those dry eyes
  14. Phone Charger and Extension Cord-you know why you need these:)
  15. Lotion-no dry skin on this day!
  16. Long Stem Lighter-tend to any fraying ribbons
  17. Feminine Towelettes-use these to stay fresh
  18. Super Glue-you can use this for broken nails, shoes, or to reattach something the flower girls had fun with:)
  19. Razor or Hair Removal-sometimes there are things that are forgotten to be removed
  20. Easy to Carry Snacks-you don’t have to eat a full course meal but have an easy snack on hand and don’t forget your water
  21. Straws-this is easier to sip your drinks especially after your lipstick has been applied
  22. Extra Thank You Cards and Paper (and Pen)-you may need to write an extra thank you, your vows, or a speech
  23. Extra Underwear-you may want to change at some point to ensure freshness
  24. Travel Size Baby Powder-a freshness staple
  25. Tampons and Pantyliners-things happen:(
  26. Travel First Aid Kit-again, things happen…
  27. Nail Polish-clear polish and a shade in the color that you are wearing
  28. Comfortable Shoes-there may be a point in the day that you just want to do away with your heels
  29. Cash-it’s good to be prepared.  You may want to tip one of your vendors or purchase something on the go.
  30. Q Tips and Makeup Remover-makeup mishaps occur, too.
  31. Hand Sanitizer-keep the germs away
  32. ToothBrush & Toothpaste-you will be smiling and talking all day, this will help you.
  33. Safety Pins and Corsage Pins-you never know what will come apart

Don’t let the list overwhelm you.  Choose a few things to purchase over time to add to your emergency kit.  Do you have any other items that you might add to this list in your kit?  Tell us what you will add.