8 Ways to Use a Monthly Calendar

There are so many ways that we can put good use to a monthly calendar. And in this post, I want to share with you 8 ways that you can make your monthly spread work for you.

  1. Future Planning- You can track all of the important dates on a monthly calendar such as birthdays, anniversaries, special events, holidays, and extracurricular activities in advance.
  2. Exercise Log- You can keep track of your workout days and activities. This can serve as a good way to keep you motivated, see your progress and celebrate your achievements.
  3. Gratitude Log– Daily gratitude can make a big difference. By tracking your grateful thoughts on your monthly calendar can bring joy when you take a look at all that has been good in your month.
  4. Meal Planning- Did you set a goal to eat healthier and save money this year? If so, you can plan your meals ahead of time. You can keep track of meals that you would like to try, nights that you will eat out, and also use this as a reference to see how well your eating habits were for the month. Planning your meals ahead of time will also help you save time and money when you put together your grocery list.
  5. Daily Highlights- You can track daily highlights with stickers, doodles, and words that will make memory keeping wonderful. It will also be fun to take a look at all of the wonders that filled your month.
  6. Finance/Expense Tracker- Use your monthly calendar to track the days that bills are due, paydays, and any other expense related notes that help you stay on track and on budget.
  7. Work Calendar- Track your work projects and meetings on your monthly calendar spread. Use this to help you beat deadlines and work smarter, not harder.
  8. Goals Tracker- Keep a record of your goals and their deadlines on your monthly calendar. This can serve as an inspiration to see that you are getting closer to your goals and scheduling them.

There are so many ways that you can use this simple sheet to check on some of the most important details of your day. I hope this inspires you to use your monthly calendar to plan well and conquer.

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