Budget Friendly Planner Must-Haves

Have you been considering using a planner to help you with your productivity this year? There are many different planners on the market in all shapes and sizes and it can become quite confusing to decide on which one would be best for you. In this post, I will share a cheap but pretty and functional planner that has most of what you need to plan a successful day.

The below items were purchased at Wal-Mart and all cost me under $10!

MUST HAVE #1: Wire/Coil Binding- A planner with a binding system that will allow you to fold over the pages easily makes it convenient to work only on the pages that you are filling in.

MUST HAVE #2: Year at a Glance– Keep track of dates and stay ahead of the game by referencing the year at a glance page.

MUST HAVE #3: Holidays at a Glance (This is Optional)– This was a bonus in this particular planner but what I like about it is, you can reference these dates to plan for days off, content scheduling, gift purchasing, or just planning ahead.

MUST HAVE #4: Monthly Overview- A section dedicated to setting goals, list making and recording important dates makes for a great guide to schedule important tasks in the following pages of dates. You could call this a “Brain Download” section.

MUST HAVE #5: Month at a Glance- A dedicated section to download the happenings of the month is a planner must have. You can use this section to record bills due, important dates, meal plans, fitness schedules, etc.

MUST HAVE #6: Daily/Weekly Planning Sheets- A definite must have is a section to plan your daily activities and important tasks. You can track goals, to dos, meals, fitness activity, appointments, etc using daily/weekly sheets.

MUST HAVE #7: Notes Page- You can make a notes page serve various purposes. Jot down ideas, shopping lists, journal and even use the page as a vision board page. Notes pages also make a great space to recap your month’s happenings and reflections.

MUST HAVE #9: A Good Pen- There are various pens on the market and you will have to find the one that makes your planning session functional and pleasing. Once you find the one you enjoy writing with, you will always want to have a safe place to store it. Keep it near your planner:) If your planner does not have a pen loop, you can purchase them on Amazon, Michaels or Hobby Lobby. The one above came with a kit from Wal-Mart for under $2.

(**Optional**) MUST HAVE #10: Functional Stickers- Stickers can add an embellishing look to your planning pages. They can be used to highlight activities, days, and tasks. And, then again…they are just cute to look at. New at planning, start small and don’t go overboard with hoarding tons of sticker books. It may or may not be for you.

MUST HAVE #11: Page Markers- One or two page markers will help you keep track of your most frequently used pages. You can use magnetic clips or paper clips to identify your pages to set them apart. These little cuties above came along with the kit from Wal-Mart.

(**Optional**) MUST HAVE #12: Washi Tape- This is not really a must-have but can serve the same purpose as the stickers. It can add a cute element to your planning pages. These come in several colors and sizes. If you want to try decorating your pages for the first time, buy 1-2 rolls to get you started.

It is good to have your set of supplies that inspires you to be consistent in planning your goals and important tasks. I hope that these must-have tips help you get started with your planning and productivity.