12 Tips for Going Back to Work Post Vacation with Less Stress

Some may call it #backtoworkblues or #vacationhangover
The excessiveness of the holidays may have you feeling some type of way right about now. Just think about the overeating, the overspending, oversleeping, and all of the other overs that occurred during your 10 day or more vacation. And let’s not add in the winter time effects that our minds and bodies get exposed to. The much needed time off can have you thinking that you need a vacay from your vacay, right?

It’s now time to get back into the real swing of things and I wanted to share a few tips with you to help get you #backtowork.

  1. Start off with a positive attitude. Showing up to work with the priority to look at the brighter side can spread and create a lighter atmosphere. You may be just what your co-workers need.
  2. Prepare for work the night before. Get your head in the game the day before by getting your work bag together, finding your outfit, and going to bed at a reasonable hour…and don’t forget to set your alarm.
  3. Begin the day with a clean and fresh work space. Spray something nice in the air or burn a candle if you are permitted. Play music that is soothing or upbeat. And, start your day with a clean desk.
  4. Update your “out of the office” messages on voicemail and email. I know you may not want to but go ahead, update any “out of office” messages. Think of it this way, you will be able to use them again.
  5. Eliminate as many distractions that you can. You probably have gotten used to endlessly scrolling through IG or Snapchat or maybe you have a chatty text group that kept the virtual party rolling but this can possibly become a major distraction. Turn off social media notifications and set time limits.
  6. Ease back into work. Set small goals to accomplish to give you the boost. Prioritize the things that you need to complete on the first day or even the first week back to work.
  7. Don’t get caught up in the Email Rabbit Hole. Your productivity will not lie within your inbox. Respond to the most important emails first that need your immediate attention.
  8. Show yourself some love. Take an extra break during the day to ease your mind. You deserve it, Girlfriend.
  9. Use this time to create new habits for the year. Make a list of work habits that didn’t serve you for the previous year. And, then for each unproductive habit, add a new one that will help you making greater things happen.
  10. Leave the office on time. This goes back to easing your way back into the swings of things. Leave on time and start over fresh the next day.
  11. Connect with others, they may be feeling a little post holiday blue, too. Spread love and light with those around you. Make a point to greet others with a smile, check on your teammates, or send a “Welcome Back” email. Do something kind your first day/week back.
  12. Bring some of the happy feelings and thoughts from your vacay with you. Sans the late nights, pajamas, no makeup days. It’s okay to reflect on your break and remember the fun adventures or the lazy days that made you feel your best. Reflecting keeps the memories going and a smile in your heart. Don’t be down, express gratitude for the time that you had.

Hope these tips help you,

Tish B.