Guided Focus

I really want to say that the word focus was supposed to be my word since 2016 but I kept choosing other words for various reasons.  But somehow, when I’m spending alone time with God, journaling, adding notes to my planner, and even goal setting, the word focus continues to speak to me.

My word for 2016 was Intentional.  It had meaning and I attempted to apply it to everything that I gave my energy.

My word for 2017 was Intentional, again.  I needed to keep that word close so that I wouldn’t get distracted with all things flashy and new.  But, let me remind you that the word Focus, kept jumping up and down for me to recognize it. I kinda ignored it, because I liked how intentional sounded and thought that’s all I needed to be great. Hmph.

Welcome 2018 and my word finally changed to, Change.  It probably sounds weird to have that as a word but I needed to pay close attention to myself.  I had given so much of me away in the grand scheme of things and I was suffering as a result. The time had come for change.  Change in my perspective, my daily happenings, my business, family, and myself.  A lot of change occurred because I made that a priority and change never felt so good.

Enter 2019, it’s time for a new word.  And, without further ado, I finally committed to having FOCUS be that word.  Now that change had occurred and I have embraced and accepted it, it’s time for me to truly focus on what is near and dear to me.  That includes my faith, family, career and business, and ME. It’s not that I haven’t focused on these particular areas in previous years, but it’s knowing exactly how I can be more authentically present in these areas.

I want to focus more on deepening my relationship with God and hearing more of His voice. I want to share His love and mercy with other women who may feel unheard and forgotten.  I want to focus more on praying daily for myself and others.

I desire to focus my attention more on my family by having meaningful discussions and planning uninterrupted time with them. I want to listen more to their spoken and unspoken needs.

I plan to focus on the areas of my career and business that brings me joy and can add value to the lives of others.

I am focusing more on the needs of Tish, ME. Because, the ENFJ (Myers-Briggs Personality Type) in me is designed to pour into others and always make the other person the center of focus, I will have to extend more attention on my needs and desires.  And, be comfortable and guilt free with doing so.

It is with guided focus that I can become the best version of myself and present that person to you.

Have you chosen your word for the year?  If so, share it with me in the comments so that we can hold each other accountable.