Being Productive During a Pandemic

For some, there is more time spent at home while working or during an unfortunate layoff or furlough. I have been home since March and I still find myself pulling out my planner on Sundays to plan my week.

There is not much to plan since everything face to face is cancelled. However, I do not want to fully get out of the routine of planning my days and looking forward to what’s next and to add things that I want to get done.

I encourage you to stay with some form of routine with planning. You can make note of important tasks such as gardening, crafting, house chores, and self care. And, considering the times that are upon us, it will be good to look back on your happenings to see how you filled your time and adjusted during adversity.

I pray you are staying safe and healthy and making the best of the time that we are afforded. This, too, shall pass.