Celebrating Teachers

My youngest daughter and I love to prepare gifts–especially a uniquely, curated keepsake. This week for teacher’s appreciation, we thought outside of the gift bag and went to our local Sonic Restaurant for a gift card (and cup) and filled it with a sweet treat and a custom notepad. My daughter says teachers always carry these big sonic drinks so that’s where the inspiration came from for the “gift basket”.

Here’s a thought: the homeroom teacher is a sure in for a treat during this week. Think about the other heroes that don’t have a homeroom like the art, music and physical ed teachers (others: choir, coaches, etc.). Something small is guaranteed to put a smile on their faces. Dealing with hundreds of children on a daily basis qualifies all educators and staff for a hero’s cape.

Educators out there…WE APPRECIATE YOU! Thank you for showing up daily so that our children are gifted with knowledge to soar to their next level. THANK YOU! #teacherappreciationweek

I love things personalized so I figured doing something personalized for the teachers would make them smile. I asked them to send me their memojis and then I designed this cute notepad for them. They LOVED them and that’s exactly the expression we were wanting.

My youngest was super thrilled to carry her to teachers’ gifts to school!