Sewing for Sanity

Back in 2020, many of us were quarantined and embracing a temporary “new normal”. Out of necessity, I purchased my first ever sewing machine and watched Youtube for 24 hours straight (I’m not even joking) to find out how to use the machine and sew a straight stitch. During this time, masks were limited and almost rare to access. And, I wanted to protect myself and my family at all costs. I committed to use the time locked in to learn how to sew.

I’m pretty crafty and creative but there was a scariness about sewing. It seemed so foreign and advanced for me. I would look at the machines in the stores and just wonder if I’d ever learn to sew and if I did–who on earth would teach me? So, I didn’t pursue it. It was the pandemic that came as the classroom for learning. Once I took the time to work on sewing and understanding the most basic patterns, I actually enjoyed it. I can see a piece of fabric form into something pretty and useful. And, that brings me joy.

Shortly after mastering the mask, I wanted to test myself to see if I could branch out and create something more practical and something that I would use daily. The zipper pouches were on the top of my list. Once I made my first few with a few crooked zippers sewn in, I knew that this would be how I spent some of my quality time.


Sewing pouches became a real act of therapy for me. Shopping for my fabric that I loved and seeing it come to life brought/brings joy. After a while, I was storing lots of these cute bags and needed to find a way to get them out of my home and into the hands of others that would appreciate them. So, during the holidays, I gifted them. I kept sewing bags and eventually shared them on social media. A few purchases received later, I kept getting excited to perfect this hobby and share more. I now make them available on my website and love knowing that they are going to homes all across the United States. When I shipped my first international order, my heart overflowed with happiness.

I would love to learn how to sew apparel next and I believe that I can. Sewing is not my profession or am I intending to make this a career. I love being able to create at my leisure and provide them to ladies and gentlemen that will enjoy them and put them to good use. With each bag that is carefully sewn and packaged, comes my love and joy for pretty and practical things. Each bag is a reminder to me that I can still learn new things and nothing is impossible.

Is there something that you have been wanting to pursue but you view it as scary and out of reach? Please let this be a reminder to “just go ahead and go after it”. Learning something new takes time, but with time, new things are able to emerge. I would not want you to miss out on opportunities that are packed full of joy. Do me and you a favor and go after that scary thing. That “scary” thing may actually be the one thing that you can’t get enough of and can bring happiness to someone else.

Sewing is definitely for therapy for sanity. If you would like to view available bags, please check out my accessories shop