Do the hard things


Almost two years ago, I made the decision to enroll into a doctoral program and all of the nerves hit me. I told myself that if I submitted everything and didn’t get accepted, then I knew this step was not for me. Listen, I wanted this even though I did not know if I was fully prepared for it. My oldest daughter was entering Junior year of high school and my youngest was beginning her competitive athletic path and I was starting a new leadership position. All of the right reasons not to start were before me.

But faith entered the group chat and I decided to move forward. Although the journey has been tough, I now see the light at the end of the tunnel and I feel much stronger than I was before entering the doctoral program. I, now, have no regrets. And, my girls are able to see me push through the hard moments.

Recently, I successfully defended my dissertation proposal designating me as a Ph.D. candidate. I am sharing this with you to let you know that decisions for improvement may not come easy but they very well may be a vital necessity to your growth.

I encourage you to find atleast one thing that you have dreamed to do and begin to go for it. Apply for it. Save for it. Make plans on the calendar for it. GO FOR IT! No matter your age, background, ethnicity, academic status, or dollars in your account, you are created to do more and reach your full potential. Partner up with a like minded person who takes action to become your accountability partner. Begin to reshape your mind (your secret weapon).

I’m cheering you on and believe that YOU CAN DO THE HARD THINGS and do them well!

Plan Well and Conquer,