You deserve to enjoy your life

Just a few years ago, I only wished to do something other than sit at home, stress about cleaning up, making sure I didn’t overspend, and binge watched tv to escape my woes. I would journal my intentions and envision myself dressed up, going to nice restaurants or events and being amongst great friends. There was a point in my life that I didn’t think that would happen.

I grew up where I did not see my parents enjoy life and do things that they loved. They worked, came home, and we went to church on Sunday. Wash and repeat. Naturally, growing into an adult, I mirrored what I was used to seeing. But, it wasn’t a lifestyle that sparked any type of joy. It was unimaginable to think that I may live 60+ years doing the same mundane things when I could actually change the path. And, that’s just what I set out to do…change my path.

As I wrote my intentions for a new life’s path, it was then important for me to begin to change my boring routines. As an introvert, I had the challenge of opening my mind to meeting people and not rejecting invitations to social time. Over time, I was blessed with a great group of women who work hard, love their families, and were on a journey of finding time to do “life” even if it was for one night. Fast forward years later, I now appreciate the need to change. My young daughters will now see something different than what I saw growing up. They see their mom being a mom and being a “lady that enjoys life” at the same time.

I ask you, what is it you are putting off to do that is just something for you. What can you add to your normal routine to shake it up and involve more of you? Want to overnight solo to go thrifting? Schedule it. Buy tickets to a show that’s coming up and go through your closet to put together a cute outfit. Block off an hour and walk through a park or botanical garden and capture the moments and the beautiful thoughts that come up. Whatever you think will make you feel refreshed, write it down, plan it, and DO IT.

You deserve it,