Girl, You Got This!

I was going through my camera roll to delete pictures and I came across this one. It’s blurry and not even a really good selfie but I remember when I took it.

It was about 6:30 am on a day where I would MC/host a breakfast for 400 people (in front of my superiors and colleagues) and I hadn’t rehearsed not one time. So, I pulled out my phone to use it as a mirror and told myself, “Girl, you got this—you are here for a reason!” And, I snapped the photo with the thought that I could look at it later that evening to see if I survived. And, guess what, I did.

My colleague and I co-chaired this large event and were also in charge of setting up an exhibitors booth that would need to compete for an award. Fast forward to the end—our booth won and the breakfast program was amazing!

I’m sharing this with you only to say, Do The Hard and Scary Stuff! If you are presented with the opportunity to shine (eg. lead, teach, guide, create) DO IT! And, be your biggest cheerleader. Tell yourself that.

So, even if you think you aren’t as prepared as you like or well versed to take action (small or large), continue to move forward anyway. “Girl, you got this!”

Plan Well and Conquer,