Virtual Planning

Planning an event can be very complex and stressful. However, it can be the complete opposite. Lately, I have planned most of all of my events virtually a.k.a. via text messages and emails. The photos that I am sharing are from a completely virtual planning session. When we met the day of the event, we were both thrilled to hug and finally see what each other looks like.

Naturally, an initial call is made to discuss the basics, the wants and needs and to determine availability for all parties involved. But for the most part, I don’t meet the client until the day of setup. How well does this work, you wonder?

 Communication is key.

After getting most of the details during the initial call, I immediately work to get images (mood boards) created and send to the client to get an understanding of their design needs. I’ll share items that I would like to incorporate to get their approval. In most cases, my clients agree and leave me to work a plan. If major changes occur that would compromise their overall expectations, I share that right away.

Technology makes virtual planning possible.

By way of emails and texts, it’s easier to share documents, timelines and imagery quicker than having to physically deliver to a client or send via snail mail. And not to mention that a digital paper trail is created so that you can reference conversations and/contracts., etc.

Although virtual planning is my now preferred method to quickly get things done, surprisingly, my clients prefer it as well due to them juggling busy professional and personal lives.

What is your personal preference to planning events and activities? In person, virtual, or combination of both?

Plan Well and Conquer,