Mammograms + Self Care

Time has come where I meet this machine. I mean, if you know you know…right, ladies? 💕 Years ago, I felt proud to not meet the age requirement to get a mammogram. But why?!  Taking care of our bodies at any age is a privilege. With advanced technology, it’s possible to find out just what we need to do to get on track and/or stay on track.

As I approached my appointment, I set aside any negative thoughts on aging. It’s a blessing to go from “glory to glory” and I want to be in the best health possible. And, we all should. To increase in age is a privilege. We are able to see more to life, gain more wisdom, and help others grow to become their best selves.

At my particular imaging center, the staff was AMAZING and the atmosphere and decor had me wanting to stay there much longer to hang out and talk to the ladies.😁 The facility definitely catered to women and I was made to feel comfortable. Any frightening thought that I had or stories I heard didn’t matter to me any longer. Friend, if it is now time for you to get your annual mammogram, be grateful for the option to do so.

Speak a sweet prayer of thanksgiving before your exam and believe with your all that All is Well. And, just as I am encouraging you to take care of your “breast” self, please encourage others to do the same.

Plan Well and Conquer,

Tish 💕