DIY Artist?

DIY Nails by me held up in front of a beautiful piece of art displayed in a hotel.

Is a DIY (do-it-yourself) artist even a thing?  Aren’t most artists creating from within and pulling inspiration from various sources to express and display beauty?

I often refer to myself as a DIYer. Although, I became fond of doing crafts and projects without the help of a deemed professional, it started out as a necessity. I simply didn’t have the money to hire professional stationers, florists and interior decorators when I became an adult. It was important for me to think outside of the “hire people” box and tap into creativity to make some things happen.

This is how I became an event planner. Brides like me needed a resource but couldn’t afford the traditional planners and decorators. I read magazines, searched the internet and what little info was out there in the early 2000s, and made Hobby Lobby my best friend. I learned to do what I needed to do.

Even when I was making my mark in my area and began to work with higher paying clients, I never considered myself an artist. The “crafter” image would always play in my head and I would downplay the art that I was creating for myself or others.

Now that I’m older, I believe that you don’t need a degree, certificate, or award in order to be considered an artist. Art comes truly from within and you need a form of inner insight to create your version of a masterpiece.

I ask you to think for a minute and ask yourself, Who are you?! What is your superpower and are you truly stepping up to be who you are naturally called to be? Friend, I sure hope so.

Plan Well and Conquer,