Manifest the Good Things

As a child, I would always make wish lists. And, way back when, there were catalogs sent to our home from JCPenney around the holidays.  I would sit on the phone with my elementary friends, all of us on three-way calling (do you know what that even is?) and mark up the pages and items that we wanted for Christmas.  The process that we did was to write the page number, item #, and description so that our parents would know exactly what to get us.  Well, I do not believe that I ever received anything from the exhaustive list. Lol  But that did not stop me and my friends from doing this until we were fresh out of elementary school.  There was excitement in searching for the toys (never was it clothes and practical things) and believing that we would see all of it under the tree on Christmas morning.

However, we always seemed to call each other full of excitement for what we did receive under the tree.  The excitement and expectation that we had for those gifts manifested into great Christmas mornings.

All of that brings you to this point, we are able to manifest good things and bad things into our lives.  The wonderful thing is, we have the choice to decide what we welcome into our lives.


Just like the department store catalog filled with everything you can think of, our world’s are just like that. We are limitless beings in a limitless world.  We can request anything and open ourselves to receive our heart’s desire.  Our thoughts and desires can be brought to us if we are intentional about receiving them and acting as though we already have received it.  Does that concept sound familiar to you?  Does it sound like faith?  If you say yes it does then you know that faith without works is DEAD.  We can want everything shiny and flashy and makes us feel good but if we do not put action to it…we can hang it up.


When you have made up your mind about what you are desiring, get even more crystal clear on what that looks like for you.  What does it feel like to have it? What color or model is it? Why do you want the thing or the situation?  Get crystal clear on your goal aka desire.

Then it is time to believe that you will receive it and then go put in the work so that it can be brought t you.  Let’s use a college degree as an example.  You have been wanting to go back to school to earn your college degree for a long time but you have repeatedly talked yourself out of it.  Well, now you are more serious about it.  You get crystal clear on the type of degree you desire, you can see yourself graduating with honors and then showing up to your job to apply for the position you have been long eyeing.  You want this promotion because it allows you to elevate your skills and pays more so that you can go on a vacation with your family during the summer like you always wanted.  See, this is crystal clear on what you want down to the last detail.  But, once you know your what and why, you have to get serious on the action that you will take.  So you will make a list of steps that you will take to put things in motion.

Sample List:

  1. Find local schools to apply and check out their schedules and requirements.
  2. Apply for financial aid.
  3. Meet with your support circle (eg. Supervisor, family, best friend) to discuss any scheduling arrangements that can accommodate your class schedule.
  4. Buy school supplies to get excited about your new journey.
  5. Write a letter to yourself to open and read on the day of your graduation.

In this example, you can see how your actions support your desire.  And, God/Universe will aid you along the way with blessings to bring you your heart’s desire.  You can apply this to anything in your life.  Want a new car? Find the exact model and color and take a picture of it…get it in the car to see how good it feels and have your picture made.  Start a car savings fund and visualize yourself driving the car daily. If you don’t hear me say this enough, your thoughts become things.

With the law of attraction, we manifest daily whether we intend to or not, so be careful with your thoughts and desires (this includes self-talk). The universe is listening.

Happy Manifesting, friend.