My 2021 Planner Line Up

If you are on Instagram or Youtube, I’m sure you have seen a pic or two of a “planner stack”. A planner stack is a pile of planners, notebooks and journals that planner lovers adopt as their holy planning grail. When I first saw the stacks, I would wonder why so many books were necessary. But as you can see from above, I am a multiple book toting fanatic.

Here is the spoiler alert– I don’t actually carry each of the books in my stack. They really just make a pretty picture. I have certain books for certain things and use them at different points in day or the week.

A list of books that I love to run to are:

  • Daily Planner
  • Devotional Notebook
  • Idea Journal
  • Work Notebook
  • Finance Planner
  • Notepad

I share my process of what I use and when in a video. Take a look and let me know your thoughts. Be sure to comment in the video what you use to keep track of your daily and monthly happenings.

tish bullard

Helping You to Plan Well and Conquer.