Working from home can be challenging and rewarding. If you have the opportunity to work from home, a higher level of dedication and “designation” is required. When you are at the office, you have your essentials already there–your computer, printer, shredder, filing system, desk and chair. Depending on the layout of your “work at home” working space, you may have to designate a corner, dining room or guest room to make it happen. That can be the challenge.

The first thing to do is: designate a spot. I suggest a location with access to natural lighting–this beats the fluorescent lighting in most traditional work environments. And, double check for electrical outlets near your sitting (or standing) area. This will come in handy for your tech devices.

Secondly, gather and coordinate everything you need to do your job. This would include your computer and supporting tech gadgets, pens, folders, stapler, notebooks, etc. If you frequently move around your home to work, consider using a large tote or basket to house your work items. This will make it easier to move everything from room to room if that’s how you have to roll during the day:) Keep everything in the work basket to avoid becoming overwhelmed with seeing work things out 24/7.

Lastly, step away and reward yourself. Work during your office hours and then leave it all alone. You will need to create work boundaries to avoid burnout. Set a timer on your phone for regular breaks and move away from your working station to get fresh air, eat lunch couch, lay down for 30 minutes, or tune in to a podcast or YouTube video. Whatever can add a little joy to your work day…DO IT!

I share my #workfromhome essentials in a video. Take a look and let me know in the comment area of the video what your essentials include. See you over on YouTube.