New Year’s Goals that Work

It is the start of a new year, new possibilities and opportunities, and a fresh start to creating a life that you can love and enjoy. Many people look at the start of a new year as one to create new year’s resolutions that sound great and promising to share with other people and post on their social media feeds. Have you heard the saying “New Year, New You” or “New Year, New Me”? Well, with this excitement comes some disturbing statistics. According to Inside Out Mastery, the top 3 resolutions that US adults make are health-related. Exercising is the most popular New Year’s Resolution. But guess what?! 23% are reported to quit within the first week and 36% only get past the first month. Oh my goodness!!!

These stats alone are not encouraging or promising. And, sadly, I have been on the New Year’s Resolution train for too many years to not be ashamed. So, if you fit in the category of setting a resolution and not sticking with it past January 15th or 31st, don’t beat yourself up. You are not bound to wait until a new year to become a new you. You can start on a random Tuesday, mid-Summer while watching tv on the couch. The main factor is that you desire to commit to a goal and are so on fire to see it through that you do not stop.
I encourage you to pull away from the busy happenings, holiday movies, and snacks and grab yourself a pen that you love and a cute notebook and write down at least 3 things that you would like to work on this year and get as detailed as you can. Under each goal, write a sub-list that will include the actions you will take to make it happen. And, the last thing…as your write your goal and create your actions, actually see yourself achieving the goal until you feel how good it is to receive it.

It will surely do your heart some good to revisit your list on December 31st and know that you had an amazing year achieving goals. You will not be in the 23% or 36%, because I’m believing that you will achieve your goals.