5 Ways to Get Back on Track After the Holidays

I am always so sad to see the holiday season leave. When I take down my Christmas décor, my home seems a bit bare for a while until I become back at ease seeing it less cluttered with decorations everywhere. But at the start of a new year, I have found it best to dig deep within to pull down the décor and pack it away before the month is over. You heard me…pack the Christmas tree up before January is over, friend.

As you bring in the new year and plan to create new memories, start something new, and clear your mind so you can see bigger and better opportunities, it is a great time to rid your mental and physical space of the clutter. Here are five ways that you can start to remove the old (and seasonal) so you can welcome new opportunities to thrive and excel in the new year.

1. Declutter Christmas decorations-play some upbeat music or talk to a friend on the phone (or invite them over while your work)
2. Clean out your refrigerator- toss the holiday treats and leftovers and refresh your fridge.
3. Digitally Declutter- it has probably been a minute since you looked at your email and it is full of holiday promotions and deals that have long gone. Level up your delete game so you won’t be overwhelmed when you revisit your inbox. This also goes for text messages and photos. Start slow but DELETE.
4. Put away your holiday clothes and accessories-hang up or neatly put away your cocktail dresses, ugly Christmas sweaters, and reindeer ears until next year.
5. Be kind to yourself and relax– Schedule a nail appointment, massage, or find a good book to read or movie to watch once you have decluttered areas that can have you overwhelmed. You deserve a break before the busyness of the new year starts in full force.