Plan Well and Conquer Podcast

For years…and I mean years, I have wanted to share what I know, spark conversations, and inspire people through podcasting.  But…I was afraid to push past the fear.  I came up with every excuse for why I was not ready and prepared.  Friend, I had this as one of my 2023 goals and just knew I would wait until the second half of the year to start working on it.  But just as I will tell you on the podcast…we won’t wait because we are scared–we will do the very thing that scares us, fully prepared or not.

Nike coins it best, “Just Do It!”

I am excited to announce that I will be uploading weekly podcasts to discuss the areas of productivity, mindset, lifestyle, and…yep, a few hospitality tips to help you soar in whatever field you are in.

I hope this post alone inspires you to look at your goals list and set things in motion.  Please take a listen and join in on the conversation.

Plan Well and Conquer!

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