A Planner Bag…is it necessary?

When I’m running into the office or to sit at a dance practice, you will more than likely see me with two bags…my purse and my planner bag!

Yes, I have officially become that lady that needs a dedicated bag to my planner. At first, I chuckled at the thought when I would see Youtubers post “What’s in My Planner Bag” videos, until I realized one day that I need to entertain the thought.

At first, I was comfortable with the thought of toting around my planner in my work bag (yes, I have a 3rd bag!) or in my arms but as I started to add my love for stickers and what nots…I needed another solution.

I purchased an inexpensive but chic bag that has a large enough space for my planner to rest and has extra storage space for other items such as: stickers, post it notes, and pens.


Convenience! Toting my purse with my planner can add more weight to my arm and I only carry the planner bag to a specific location to have on hand when I need it. I can keep it in my car, office, or at home in a secure place while still carrying my purse, (if I carry one that day). I don’t plan and play with stickers 24 hours a day but I keep plenty of important things in my planner that I may need to access like:

  • daily and monthly scheduling
  • to do lists
  • project plans
  • important personal and business notes
  • goal tracker
  • and, even my vision board!

So, as you can see, my planner is almost like a flash drive to my brain. People choose to carry bags and planners for different reasons but, personally, it is now a daily essential.

If you are a busy mom, professional, entrepreneur, how do you keep up with your plans and supporting documents?