The Benefits of Saying No

At the beginning of the year, I came across quite a few sweet souls that would advise me to learn to say No. At first, I thought it was a coincidence and then I thought to myself that I can easily decline invitations and opportunities that didn’t serve me.

What I didn’t realize was that I did have a problem with turning down the requests of others. I don’t think that the many requests to do something for others were done maliciously, but at some point, I needed to understand that there was so much that I could do physically and mentally.

So, why did I start practicing The Art of Saying No? When I found myself already overextended and I had no other choice but to say NO, it felt good to not have another obligation weighing me down.

Almost a year later, I:

• realize I have a life, too.

• know what tasks are priorities and those that are not.

• don’t allow last minute requests to become my emergencies.

• don’t worry about pleasing others at the expense of my sanity and time.

• feel good knowing that I have the option to decline requests and commitments that ultimately will not make me happy or serve me.

• understand that I’m not being rude or unkind.

• know that saying “No.” can be healthy.

Politely saying No is a great practice. If you find yourself always saying yes and you feel pulled in too many directions and not feeling good about it, this may be your nudge to give NO a try.

You will be happy you did!