Set Daily Intentions as a Habit

Have you ever woke up really tired and mumbled, “Gosh, I don’t want to go to work today!” and then you couldn’t find anything to wear to work, you may have spilled something on your blouse, then your car was on “E”…and then you find yourself saying that the day was not a good day?  And, the result of the day was—it was not a good day at all. Or maybe you have experienced something a bit similar.  Well, I have.  My words shaped the day along with the actions that I experienced.  And, it started with what I set in my mind.

I have also experienced days where I just woke up and didn’t expect anything new to happen and went on with the day as the day was handed to me.  And, when I did not expect anything, sometimes, it was an unproductive or chaotic kind of day.

On the flip side, when I started to set goals and really wanted to see things change in my life, I began to become more intentional about my days.  And, when I saw results, I was then hooked on creating expectations for my days, projects, and events so that I could expect great things.

Intentions are expectations

 When you do not expect anything, you have to accept anything. By setting intentions, you are conversing with yourself and the Universe/God and putting your positive thoughts into the atmosphere.  When you are expecting to have a great day, pass the test, find a new job, (you name it) you are more than likely going to experience pleasant results or at least feel good about going on with the tasks.

Be clear and connect to the feeling of your intentions

Instead of saying you are going to have a great day or pass the exam, connect with the feeling you will have if the desire came true.  Write and/or state your intentions with excitement and anticipation. And, then go about your day with confidence and gratitude for your expectation of good things happening.

Good intentions coupled with unpleasant experiences

 There are some things in life that we are just not able to control.  When we set our intentions and feel really great about them and then we encounter a roadblock or a person that is unpleasant, it is easy to want to grunt and throw in the towel on remaining positive.  Friend, things happen but that does not mean that you can’t guard your thoughts and keep your eyes on the prize. No matter what comes your way to throw you off, keep your thoughts on your good intentions and know that there is more than one way to reach a goal.

When I was busy planning events, I would always write an intention for my expected outcome of the event and the client’s reaction.  There were times that the production of the event would go haywire due to technology, overflowing guests lists, vendor mishaps, etc. but I knew that I wanted the event to be a success at the end of the day so I kept my mind on being positive  (even when I was staring stress in the face) and relying on the team to come up with solutions to get us by.  And, things always worked out…although it would have been easier to crawl under a table and cry. Unpleasant things can happen but that does not mean good things will not happen.

Document your intentions

I document my intentions on the Notes app on my iPhone.   It brings me joy to go back and read them and see how well this practice worked.  I am also gifted with the confidence to keep setting intentions and shaping my thoughts around successful outcomes.

So, I encourage you to document your intentions for the month in a place of your choice.  And, over time, go back and review them and watch how your heart smiles when you see how great things have been for you.