How to Maximize Alone Time

I have taken all of the personality tests and each one reveals that I am an extrovert.  However, I tend to always disagree because I am a lady who loves her alone time.  It is very important for me to find a quiet place to recharge before turning on the smiles and conversations again.  And, on the opposite end, my husband and youngest child are extremely extroverted and want to fill each waking moment socializing and being fully charged with social activity.

As you prepare to improve your time and your reach your goals this year, it will be a good idea to schedule some time without being distracted by others (this includes social media).  Consider adding some time to yourself as much-needed self-care that will help you become your best self.  Below I list a few ways that you can maximize your alone time.

Taking care of you will ultimately benefit…YOU!

  1. Intentionally Schedule Time for You

You don’t have to feel pressured to block out 24 hours starting out.  Find the time needed to schedule uninterrupted time (30 minutes to an hour or go for longer periods if you can stand it.  Decide on what you will do during this time that can spark joy and help you refresh.

  1. Move Your Body

Take a walk and listen to music. Turn on a yoga video and stretch your body. Dance!  You do not have to make this practice something you dread.  Have fun with it and learn how your body moves and reacts to movement.

  1. Pamper Yourself

Schedule a massage or go to the nail salon solo.  Take yourself on a date and treat yourself to a movie night. Buy lush bath essentials and candles and take a long hot bubble bath listening to music…lock the door if you are not home alone *this is your time friend*.  Find a form of pampering that you prefer and like and enjoy it.

  1. Build Your Self-Confidence

Use some time alone to learn a new skill by reading a book or taking a class.  Work on a hobby (or dabble in a few until you find one that you love). Journal your thoughts and practice meditation.

  1. Unplug

This may be the hardest one of all since most of us thrive on our smartphones and are always connected.  Your time alone should NOT include your phone, iPad, or laptop.  The point is to tune into YOU and be present with yourself. The days are filled with other people, commitments, and distractions that we often find ourselves at the bottom of the list and not paying attention to our own needs.  Unplug and refresh for a period of time and see how you feel.  I’m sure you will be recharged and ready to go back into the swing of things and give your best.

Happy alone time!