What to Do When Your Plans Flop

Unplanned Plans

It’s a natural desire to want every small detail planned to go just as we imagined it.  The truth is, everything probably won’t go that way.  So, to know up front that you will need to be willing to be flexible will help you.

Here are just a few tips to help keep you calm (yes, staying calm is possible) when your plans may need a little bit of adjusting.

  • Always have a back up plan.
  • Give your wedding an “environment” theme in addition to your “design” theme. When you find yourself getting overwhelmed with the little details, go back to thinking how you want your family and guests to feel and just focus on the experience.
  • Don’t sweat it.  Yea, its easier said than done but most of the details that you keep pondering over and stressing about may not happen exactly you as envisioned it.  The good thing is, your guests won’t know what they are missing.  So, to let a small detail that didn’t work mess up your attitude isn’t worth sacrificing an enjoyable experience for all.
  • Focus on what you will cherish the most.  Will it be your first kiss as Mr. and Mrs.? The first dance? Dancing with your Bridal Party? Or will it be the color and texture of napkins or how many flavors of cake you decided on?
  • A few of your favorite moments will be about the things that did go wrong.  For example, (and this happens often), your cute little ring bearer decided right when it was his turn to not walk down the aisle but instead run as fast as he could to his mom.  That wasn’t part of the plan, but it won’t destroy the memories and probably will add a great laughter to your memories.

Just remember that the most magical moments of your day will be the ones you probably didn’t plan.