Why I Changed my Business Online

I made a video for my facebook page to share to my friends/followers why I am no longer only focusing on wedding and event planning content. I don’t believe that I ever shared on that platform. I just suddenly changed it without much explanation. For almost 20 years, I have been in the hospitality industry and learned a lot by way of the internet. But, as it became overly saturated, my interests shifted.  I began to be more intrigued about the person behind the position rather than the aesthetics.

I began to look at how and why I did certain things, how I could improve my own systems, how I could manage my time and juggle multiple things while being a wife, mom, daughter and friend.  But, I didn’t (and I don’t) want to keep it a secret.  I want to share my wins, losses, challenges, and lessons.  I want to share how I choose to relax and do things that I enjoy unapologetically with the hopes that it inspires another busy professional to slay at work and at home. But most importantly, to put YOU at the top of the list.

I welcome you to stay here at  We will talk about all of the things, including professional things. It’s just important for me to have a space where it can all be shared. Enjoy the video.