Are You Sharing Too Much On Social Media?

Social Media Sharing

If you are going to your cake decorator or your florist, only send a teaser photo of either the storefront or another element of your location. You don’t want to share every detail about your wedding plans and decisions on social media.  The element of surprise is what you want to gift your guests.

And, if you create a Pinterest page, make it private and only add key players to access it like your Planner, maid of honor, and your mom.

There may also be some annoyances that will come your way during the wedding planning process, steer clear of sharing your wedding frustrations on social media.  Keep in mind that this is an enjoyable experience that you are wanting to get your family and friends excited about.  They are not going to be too thrilled to hear you grunt and complain and expect a great time at your wedding.

You have the opportunity to share the joys, sneak peeks, and excitement on your social media platforms.

A happy bride is a glowing bride.