The Newlywed’s Easy Guide to Decorating Together

Newlywed Decorating Guide

Moving in with your new husband can be exciting and at the same time a little chaotic.  But it doesn’t have to be with a little planning before you begin to blend each other’s styles.  Here are a few tips that can help you come up with a workable plan for your big, blended move.

  • Bring on the Neutrals. 
    • You two can start off by going with the neutral toned furniture and accessories to “marry” into your new home together. This will also help if you love bold colors and he likes a more muted palette.
  • Select Artwork Together.
    • Artwork can really bring life to a home.  Adding a few pieces to your main living spaces together can help you share the responsibility of bringing some awesomeness to your new living space.
  • Designate Your Areas.
    • Let’s face it…he is used to having his space and you are too.  Find that space in your new home that can be deemed “his” and “yours”.  Allow him to create his man cave and you can designate a space to make it girly with the bold colors that you love.  A nice compromise, huh?!
  • Take Some Time.
    • It is perfectly okay to take your time and decorate your home over a period of time.  If it helps you, focus on one room at a time and then plan out when you want to add another room to decorate.  Not only will this help you stay sane and argument free, your budget will appreciate you, too.
  • Go Accessory Shopping Together.
    • Your new husband may not be so thrilled about this but schedule a day to go find some decorative pieces to add to your room of choice.  Don’t take over the shopping trip.  Get your husband’s feedback and try not to squawk at the taxidermy that he wants to add to the living room.  Find out what he likes and use your decorative skills to find something similar so that he will feel like he contributed.  Compromise, girlfriend, but in a stylish way.
  • If You Don’t Love It, Leave It.
    • When deciding on what to take with you to your new shared living space, make note of the items that you absolutely love.  Those things that you can live without, donate them or make a few extra dollars by consigning them.  If you don’t love it, don’t bring it into your new marriage and home with you.