Teddy Bear Baby Shower (Budget Friendly)

Having a grand time doesn’t mean that you have to withdraw from your 401K to do so.

I styled this cute teddy bear baby shower for a client who did not want to empty her bank account. The balloon and bear towers were easy to make and added height and conversation. Coordinating gift bags filled with faux roses and small teddy bears were used on the tables as decor. Because mom is a girly girl, a touch of bling was used for the table runners. All of the place setting pieces were disposable to save on costs.

Although there are a few pieces custom designed, everything else has quick and easy steps.

Personalization adds a sweet touch of detail that can set your event apart.
I designed the advice cards, frame prints and water wrappers to carry the theme. And, used gold charger plates and folded the paper napkins into bow ties to elevate the look.

I chose all black linen and covered the chairs with black spandex chair covers to give a bit of masculinity.

Hosting a shower or party with door prizes or giveaways? Think practical—something the guests can use and not leave on the table or worse…throw it away.

For this door prize, we made POPcorn and candy buckets (because the mom to be was about to “pop”😁 …get it?)

And, these prizes were definitely a hit!

Again, just know that you don’t have to empty your bank account to celebrate a milestone. With a little creativity, you can have a swoon worthy event to always remember.

Plan Well and Conquer,